SCI Malaysia would like to congratulate Stephen and Nurul for being awarded honourable state awards for their continuous and tireless efforts to volunteerism and community service in Malaysia. It is a recognition to SCI Malaysia and that volunteering work never ends!
A big thank you to Dato Seri Ahmad Said (Nurul's dad) for the recommendation and referal and it was all about our work together... the Earth Day, the workcamps - the work at Taman Harapan, the Malindo Unity Swim, the International Day of Peace... more info here


IAVE CONFERENCE 22-26 Nov 2017

Congrats to Yayasan Salam for organising the Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference and the Asia Pacific Youth Volunteer Conference. SCI is proud to be associated and a supporting partners to this exciting and inspiring event where over 500 participants from 33 countries are participating


Spastic Charity Fund Walk 12 nov 2017

Spastic Annual Charity Walk Jog Wheel-a-thon (ACWJW) is an event organized by the Spastic Association Selangor & Federal Territory together with 30 over like-minded Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) raising funds for the special-needs people. SCI KL is one of the long supporting NGO to this noble event...

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