SCI (Service Civil International) Malaysia is a non governmental, non profit, non religious, registered under the Malaysian Society Act, Peace organization consisting of two branches in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. We bring together people of different background and outlook to undertake useful voluntary work for the benefit of the community, aiming to create understanding and mutual respect between individual of all creeds and races so that the concept of violence become less and less acceptable and the degradation of human dignity impossible. 


SCI first volunteer Mrs Vera.. 1942-2017

By Courtesy of Ingrid, Goska you may recall... she was in our ICM @ KL sharing her experience with us.
And we are very glad she did, and she was able to get from her files (manual) all these wonderful records.
So here we are ... our official discovery ... the 1st SCI International Volunteer was a sweet young 22 yr old lady teacher from London. She left a very positive impression with Mother Mangalam. They had an extended very personal friendship and relationship.
She made another 2 trips to Malaysia to visit PLS and Mother, 1st with her fiance, and after they married a 2nd time. And since then till her demise - they kept very close touch with each other  
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John Oorjitham once a Headmaster with the Ramakrishna School was the founder President of SCI Penang and after his demise in July 1976, Stephen Nah took over. ( Stephen Nah fill up the gap between 1973 to 1976). The late John Oorjitam and Nagaretnam had worked together with Lawrence Cheah on SCI since 1965 and many others like Anji Suppiah, Letchumi Oorjitham, Mr n Mrs Rafaie and Mrs Sharma



Stephen Nah one the early founding members of SCI Penang, started as Secretary and continued to be be presdent from 1973-1976 in Penang. In 1977 he moved to Kuala Lumpur for greener pastures, that did not stop him from bringing along SCI too. He shared his Vision with his new found freinds and formed SCI Kuala Lumpur in 1977 bringing it to greater heights. Married to Pn Sue Maznah together they have travelled the globe on various SCI missions.
Born : Taiping, Perak
Date of Birth: 10 Oct 1951
President : 1973-1976 SCI Penang
President: 1977-1980 SCI KL
Current Position : SCI Malaysia Advisor and Coordinator  



From the archive shelf of SCI/IVS Archives collector, Ralph Hagnauer and his wife Ivy from Switzerland
5 July 1962: Adnan b Haji Abdullah b/p Director of Social Welfare, Federation of Malaya wrote an official reply to the SCI Asian Secretary, Devinder Das Chopra in New Delhi as regards SCI’s offer for 2 volunteers to work in the department. Devinder was advised to contact the Ministry of External Affairs through the Indian Govt. (There was no photostatting machine during that time, so the Letter in the archive had been re-typed and certified true copy.

10 Sept 1963: UNESCO Travel Grant to Nagaretnam as a representative from the Malayan Association of Youth Clubs (MAYC) to travel as a volunteer to India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) with SCI

20 Feb 1973: Letter from SCI Asian Secretariat to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Razak for SCI to have Asian Secretary in Malaysia.

1973: Draft of Memorandum of Understanding between the Govt of Malaysia and SCI for the establishment of Asian Secretary in Malaysia. 


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